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Is that you Spring? It's me, Abby.

I used to think spring was my favorite season. The end of winter and the grey, and the beginning of warm sunny days. It should be true. But if you live in Vermont that reality is just a little different. The official start of spring (according to the calendar) is March 20th. Summer (again, according to the calendar) begins June 21st. So in a perfect world you have 3 solid months of glorious spring weather. Maybe that's springtime for other parts of the country, but it's basically been January in Vermont for the past four and a half months. For your convenience I've broken out how the seasons in VT actually shake down...
Spring - May 5th-June 30th Summer - July 1st - September 8th Fall - September 9th - November 30th Winter - December 1st-March 10th
You'll notice that March 11th - May 4th are not in any of these categorical seasons. That's because it's basically an unknown. It could snow, it could sleet, it could be mild, it could be so many things!!! It's a t…

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